Device Protection

Yes! PureTalk offers device protection plans through Allstate starting at just $4 per month for each device covered! The monthly cost is determined by the type of device(s) you wish to protect. You can add Allstate protection to any working phone, whether it's a brand new device or an older one that you're still using. Allstate offers same-day repairs in most areas, free shipping for mail-in repairs, easy online claims 24/7, and worldwide coverage. For complete coverage details view full Terms & Conditions at SquareTrade Terms and Conditions

Allstate Protection plans cover accidents such as drops and spills as well as product breakdowns due to normal use. Examples include cracked screens, liquid damage, charging port failure, speaker and sound failure, touchscreen failure, and button failure. Intentional damage, lost or misplaced devices, and theft are not covered. Please Note: Plans include up to 1 claim per year for continuing coverage. While two approved claims are allowed within a 12-month rolling period (beginning on the fulfillment date of the first replacement), coverage will conclude after the second claim.

For complete coverage details view full Terms & Conditions at here.

There is not a set time frame in which device protection must be added. As long as your device is in working condition, you can add device protection to your device at any time! If the device is damaged or not working prior to adding device protection, it will not be covered.

File a claim anytime, 24/7 at All State Protection.

Yes. If you no longer wish to have your device protected by Allstate's Protection Plan, you can cancel it at any time. Please keep in mind that any damage or defects will no longer be covered once device protection is canceled. If you wish to cancel your device protection plan, you may do so online through your customer portal or by calling in to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Allstate Protection Plans offer continuous coverage. It's not like a warranty which only lasts for a set number of years. Coverage will only end when a new device is purchased or the plan is canceled. If a new device is purchased, Allstate Protection can be added to your new device for the same continuous coverage!

If one or more of your devices is covered by Allstate Protection, the monthly cost of the protection plan will be added to your monthly Pure Talk bill