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Connect to the
world with

FREE unlimited
international talk & text to over 70+ countries

Are you looking for a reliable way to stay connected with your loved ones abroad? With our international calling service, you can enjoy free unlimited calling to over 70+ countries. No hidden fees, no complicated plans, just clear and uninterrupted calls to your friends and family across the globe. Our network ensures high-quality voice clarity that makes every conversation feel like you’re in the same room.

Don't let distance hold you back from making those important connections. As a special bonus, enjoy unlimited international texting with every plan! This means you can send messages to friends, family, and colleagues around the world without any extra charges. It's our way of enhancing your global communication experience.

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PLUS: Great rates for calling the rest of the world

Up to $5 monthly talk credit included in all plans

Stay connected with family and friends around the globe without overspending on international calling. We offer fantastic rates for calling countries outside our free 70+ calling zones, coupled with the added benefit of up to $5 monthly credit included in all our consumer-friendly plans. No hidden costs, no confusing terms—just simple, affordable international calling tailored for you. Whether you’re reaching out to loved ones far away or catching up with friends in distant places, our international calling plans are designed with your needs in mind. Our commitment is to make global connections feel closer, more personal, and budget-friendly. Experience the joy of seamless international communication and enjoy the savings with our $5 monthly credit. It’s time to choose a plan and embrace the world without boundaries.

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For calls to Canada, Bermuda, Guam, Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations customers will need to dial 1+AreaCode+PhoneNumber. For other international destinations it is 011+CountryCode+AreaCode+PhoneNumber $20 plan includes $1.50 international calling credit
$25 plan includes $1.50 international calling credit
$30 plan includes $5.00 international calling credit
$35 plan includes $5.00 international calling credit
$45 plan includes $5.00 international calling credit
$55 plan includes $5.00 international calling credit
$65 plan includes $5.00 international calling credit
Any remaining international credits from your plan does not carry over to the next billing cycle or recharge period. The international talk add on is a one-time purchase that adds rollover international talk to your plan cycles. You can purchase add ons in your “My Account” portal. Yes! All PureTalk plans include unlimited text messaging from the US to any country in the world.

Unlimited landline calls to 70 countries; select countries also include unlimited calls to cell phones. When calling outside the U.S., additional charges will apply. Advertised international rates may not apply to calls made to foreign mobile phones or to off-network/special locations and in some instances may be higher. International voice credit does not roll over upon monthly plan expiration; credit cannot be replenished if used prior to the expiration of your monthly plan. Please visit for more details.