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Don't be Fooled by Big Wireless. PureTalk is the Real Deal

Don't be Fooled by Big Wireless. PureTalk is the Real Deal

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PureTalk’s the Real Deal. Don’t Let the Other Guys Tell You Otherwise

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: everybody’s offering the same 5G network, but only PureTalk provides it at half the cost. How can we do that? By not having retail stores, celebrity spokespeople, or packing our plans with overpriced add-ons.

PureTalk Just Makes Cents

Why pay $65/month (or more) for wireless service when PureTalk gives you service on the same dependable 5G network in the USA for only $20 a month?

PureTalk vs Verizon activation costs.

And why pay an extra $35 to activate that $65/month plan when PureTalk charges you nothing to activate?

Big wireless charges you more per line and charges you to activate your service.

It just doesn't make sense.

At PureTalk, We Don't Play Favorites

No matter which of the PureTalk cell phone plans you’re on, you’re on at the speed of 5G at half the cost of the overpriced guys. That's right. Every customer gets high speed data.

So don’t let the big wireless pull the wool over your eyes. Only PureTalk gives you the same 5G network at half the cost on every plan.

Switch and take 50% off your first month of service!

Save $900 When Your Entire Family Switches to PureTalk

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Families who switch to PureTalk save $900 a year. That’s an average of $75 a month you can use for food, fuel, and maybe even something fun!

Why give it to the overpriced guys? Get the same reliable 5G network at half the cost with PureTalk.

PureTalk's Got the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

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There are a few factors to consider when choosing a cell phone service for a senior. Most of these plans tend to be more affordable with lower data caps, more flexible, and often offer special benefits.

Some cell phone carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon, offer cell phone plans at discounted prices for seniors or packages specifically designed for people over a certain age.

However, these can require you to live in a specific state. PureTalk is unique in that it's one of the cell phone providers that has no residency requirement for its best cell phone plans for seniors.

PureTalk has Plans That Meet Your Needs. Pick What You Like!

When it comes to wireless, it's not one size fits all. That's why PureTalk has a variety of wallet-friendly cell phone plans to choose from!

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Simply select the unlimited data plan that fits your needs and start saving every month. We believe in keeping things plain and simple, so there's no contract.

If you’re not sure exactly how much data you need, you can adjust your plan any time, and there are no overage fees if you accidentally go over.

With PureTalk You Can Connect to the World with International Calling

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Enjoy FREE Unlimited International Talk & Text to Over 70+ Countries

Are you looking for a reliable way to stay connected with your loved ones abroad and enjoy saving money at the same time? With our international calling service, you can enjoy free unlimited talk to over 70+ countries.

No hidden fees, no complicated plans, and no dropped calls. Just clear and uninterrupted calls to your friends and family across the globe.

Our nationwide coverage network ensures high-quality voice clarity that makes every conversation feel like you’re in the same room.

With Puretalk International Roaming, You Can Use Your Phone Like You Do at Home with Talk, Text, and Data in 30+ Destinations.

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Here’s how it works:

Travel to your international destination

Every plan includes up to $20/month of international credits, so your phone will work in 30+ countries automatically. No SIM swapping or apps required!

Use your phone internationally like you do at home

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll automatically have up to $20 of international credits. When you make a call, send texts, or use data it will be deducted from your credit balance. Check the rate finder here to see the international rate for your destination.

No data overage charges or surprise charges

If you use all of your existing international credit, you will not be charged any fees. If you need more international credits, just log into your account portal and select the International roaming add-on. (Credits do not rollover)

PureTalk Offers the Best Money Back Guarantee

PureTalk Money Back Guarantee icon

Our Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee means there’s no risk when you sign up. You can make the switch without breaking a sweat.

We’re confident you’ll love your PureTalk cell phone service and unlimited plans but if we’re wrong, just give us a buzz. Let us know that you need a refund, and our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Team will make things right.

Really. In addition to all the things PureTalk offers – great savings, blazing fast data, terrific cell phone coverage, and freedom from contracts – we give you 30 days to see if we’re the right fit for you.

You have until your next bill date, or until you’ve used 500 minutes or 500 MB of data usage, (whichever comes first), to contact our optimal customer service team and request a refund.

We mean it when we say, “Love our service or your money back.”

Get a refund in two simple steps 
1.) Call us at 877-820-7873 
2.) Cancel your service and request your refund

PureTalk Really is the Real Deal

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When you choose PureTalk cell phone plans, you’re choosing to support a company whose values align with your own.

You’re choosing to support a company that's veteran-led, pro-America, and pro-military.

American soldier carrying his little daughter.

You’re also choosing to support American jobs: 100% of PureTalk's customer service department is based right here in the United States.

Customer Service Rep on the phone.

Plus, with PureTalk, you can bring your own phone and keep your phone number or choose from our terrific selection of the latest iPhones and Androids.

Don’t be Fooled by Big Wireless. Pick a Plan that Meets Your Needs, Suits Your Lifestyle, and Helps You Save!

What our existing customers have to say:

“Your people are courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. They fix my issues, port my numbers, and always sound happy to help. They speak American English, and they are clear and easy to understand. My Pure Talk experience has been terrific. Thank you all and don’t change.” Robert Z., FL

Happy young couple sitting on the sofa.

 “It was very efficient to contact and set up my PureTalk service. The PureTalk website is easy to navigate, so one can both stay informed and keep their account information up to date. The price is much better than the larger carriers (I had T-Mobile for almost 20 years and my monthly cell phone plan costs so much less now) and the voice and data services are at least as good as any others. Looking forward to many great years of excellent service.” Michael S., PA

“We switched from AT&T, brought our own devices, and we have not noticed any difference in coverage, in fact it's excellent coverage. We have not needed to contact customer or tech support often. When we do, it’s great that we can quickly talk to a live representative!” Tiffany M.




*5G only available in covered areas. See for a complete coverage map. Comparison based on Verizon one-month Unlimited plan prices without AutoPay and Paperless billing and info as of 3/5/24 compared to PureTalk’s one-month Unlimited plan. Verizon may temporarily slow data speeds during times of congestion, but otherwise does not slow data speed. Visit Verizon website for full terms.


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