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Cell phone plans
for seniors

Are you paying for
data you won’t use?

Are you paying for data you won’t use?

Did you know most seniors are paying for cell phone data they never use? Most people use between 2 to 5GB of data a month, but are stuck in expensive unlimited plans from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile.

PureTalk allows you to select the plan that fits your needs, so you can save every month. We believe in keeping things pure and simple, so there is no contract. If you’re not sure how much a data you need, you can adjust your plan any time, and there are no overage fees if you accidentally go over.

PureTalk is a great choice for seniors looking for a reliable cell phone plan at an affordable price. Not sure how much data you currently use? Simply check your bill from your current wireless provider and see for yourself.

Senior couple looking at phone Senior couple looking at phone

With a $25 5GB wireless plan from PureTalk, you can:

  • FaceTime up to 25 hours with your family, friends, and coworkers
  • Listen to 70 hours of your favorite podcast
  • Browse Facebook for 50 hours per month
  • Send/Receive over 5,000 emails per month

25 hours

70 hours

50 hours


Senior adult male looking at phone on bridge Senior adult male looking at phone on bridge

Not sure how much data you currently use?

If you receive a paper bill from your wireless provider your data usage information is most likely on the second or third page of your invoice. If your provider doesn't include it, you can call or go online to request a more detailed bill.

You can also do the following:
  • Log into your account from your computer and check the Usage tab
  • Download your provider’s app and check the Usage tab
  • Call your cellular service provider from your wireless phone:
  • AT&T: Dial *3282#
  • T-Mobile: Dial #web#
  • Verizon: Dial #DATA

Most seniors use 2GB of data or less per month on their cell phones. If you need more data, PureTalk has seven plan options so you can choose the data amount that fits your needs.

PureTalk's most popular plans

$ 20
Unlimited talk & text
3gb Data*
+ 2gb Hotspot
$ 25
Unlimited talk & text
5gb Data*
+ 2gb Hotspot
$ 30
Unlimited talk & text
10gb Data*
+ 5gb Hotspot

*After you have used your plan’s high-speed data allowance, we will not turn off your data. Your speed will be throttled to 256 kbps. Typically, you can expect to experience download speeds of 4-35Mbps and upload speeds of 1-5Mbps with an average device to network edge round-trip latency of less than 60ms. The average speed and latency of our 4G LTE network is suitable for video and audio streaming, web browsing and other general Internet usage consistent with PureTalk terms and conditions.

**After 60GB of data usage you will experience slower speeds.

Check your coverage

Make sure you have service where you live, work, and play

PureTalk coverage map

Check your phone

Want to keep your old phone? Make sure it will work on our network

Check your phone

How switching to PureTalk works

Step 1

Choose your plan.

Step 2

Keep your phone or get a new one from us.

Step 3

Check out. Keep your number or get a new one. Choose device finance options.

Step 4

Receive your shipment via FedEx 2 Day. Follow steps to activate.


Absolutely! PureTalk runs on the nation’s most dependable 5G network. Check out our coverage map. PureTalk also offers 5G coverage. Actual 5G availability, coverage, and speed may vary. 5G is not available in all areas and a 5G capable device is required. No, please keep your current service active. We want to make sure you have continuous coverage until your PureTalk activation has been completed. Additionally, if you are porting your number, your account will be required to remain open to transfer the number over. Absolutely. You first need to make sure you’ve paid off your phone and you’re not in an existing contract with your current carrier. We sure hope so! You will first need to check with your current carrier to see if your phone number is eligible to move (“port”) to PureTalk. Your carrier can also unlock your device as long as it is not tied to an existing contract or payment plan. Your current service provider will need to give you your account number and PIN/password, or you may be able to get these details through your online account or an old bill statement. Once you have confirmed that your number is eligible to move, you can start the transfer process through our online activation process. Absolutely. You first need to make sure you’ve paid off your phone and you’re not in an existing contract with your current carrier. Can I trade-in my current phone? During the purchase of a new device, you can choose to trade in your current device. Once you create and confirm your trade, PureTalk will send you a shipping kit containing all the necessary materials for the safe transit of your device to Phobio, our trusted trade-in Partner. Once Phobio receives your device and inspects it, we will credit the payment method used when purchasing your new device.