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Unique Ways to Help Veterans and Their Families

Unique Ways to Help Veterans and Their Families

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Beyond Volunteering and Making Donations, There Are Lots of Other Ways We Can Help Veterans and Their Families 

Soldier carrying his little daughter.

Whether you read it on the Internet, hear it on the radio, or see it on TV, people from all walks of life are saying they support veterans and military families. However, actions speak louder than words and saying you support our military veterans is different than doing something to help.

So how can you honor veterans in ways other than volunteering and making monetary donations? PureTalk outlines several in this post!

Easy ways to support veterans on Veterans Day and beyond

From donating airline miles to driving a vet to receive medical care, here are simple ways to show your appreciation to our military veterans.

Help a vet find medical care

Many veterans struggle with physical and mental health issues as a result of their service. Supporting organizations that provide healthcare services, counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation programs tailored to veterans can make a significant difference in their lives.

Many veterans of our armed forces do not get the medical care and attention they very much deserve. Unfortunately, there are an estimated 1.3 million uninsured veterans nationwide. This number continues to grow with an additional 0.9 million who use VA (Veterans Affairs) care with no other health insurance coverage.

If you know a veteran in need of medical attention, you can point them in the right direction by finding your local Veterans Affairs Medical Center and taking him or her (or arranging transportation) so they can receive care.

Doctors talking with a veteran.

Drive a vet to an appointment

With over 5 million disabled veterans in the United States, medical appointments and benefit claims are a necessity to those injured veterans in need of medical treatment.

You can volunteer to drive a vet through Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Transportation Networkto ensure those living remotely from military and VA hospitals can make their appointments and never go without the treatment and mental health services they need.

It's a wonderful way to be part of a vet's support system and make a positive difference in their life.

Donate travel points

The Fisher House operates the Hero Miles Program, using donated frequent flier miles to bring family members to the bedside of injured service members. Hotel points can also be donated to provide hotel rooms for families of the veterans when a Fisher House is not available. To date, Hero Miles has provided more than 70,000 tickets to Veteran families, worth over $105 million.

Help stop veteran homelessness

Unfortunately, there are many military veterans who are homeless. In fact, 23 percent of the homeless population and 33 percent of male homeless population are veteran service members. Thankfully, this number is shrinking over the years, but there are still many who need our help.

You can make a difference today by donating food, clothing, and bedding to support veterans down on their luck.

Provide Legal Services:

Veterans may encounter legal challenges related to disability claims, housing issues, employment disputes, or other matters. Providing pro bono legal services or supporting organizations that offer legal assistance specifically for veterans can be valuable.

Help vets transition to civilian life

According to the United States Census, there were over 18 million service members in the United States in 2018. Of those veterans that are transitioning back into civilian life, 1,853 were surveyed in a recent Pew Research Center survey in which 27% of veterans said re-entry into civilian life was difficult for them. You can help them in the ways listed below:

Veteran getting career counseling.

Employment Opportunities:

One of the most significant challenges for veterans transitioning to civilian life is finding suitable employment. Individuals and businesses can help by offering job opportunities, internships, or apprenticeships specifically targeted towards veterans. Additionally, providing resources for resume building, interview skills, and career counseling can be valuable.

Mentorship Programs:

Mentoring programs can provide invaluable support to veterans, especially those who may struggle with transitioning to civilian life. Mentors can offer guidance, support, and a listening ear, helping veterans navigate various challenges they may face.

Education and Training:

Supporting initiatives that provide educational opportunities and training programs for veterans can be beneficial. This could include scholarships, vocational training programs, or workshops aimed at developing skills that are relevant in the civilian workforce.

Simply say "Thank you and welcome home" to a Vietnam veteran

Vietnam veteran being welcomed home after an Honor Flight.

It seems like such a small thing, but it is something that American veterans do not hear as often as they should. These words can brighten even a bad day for a veteran because you acknowledge their service. In particular, saying, “Welcome home. Thank you for your service” to Vietnam veterans can have a huge emotional impact on them, since Vietnam era veterans did not experience the support from American society that today's veterans receive.

Write and send cards of appreciation to military service members

Beyond everything they do to keep us safe, service members make the additional sacrifice of spending long periods of time away from family and friends. That's why writing cards of appreciation to members, veterans, and their families is so crucial.

Military families and veterans deserve our support

Young wife hugging her husband on his return home from deployment.

Supporting the families of veterans is crucial, as they often bear the brunt of the challenges associated with military service. Providing resources, childcare assistance, or organizing events and activities specifically for veteran families can offer much-needed support.

Whether it's offering to babysit for a military spouse or mowing the lawn of a military family or an older veteran, there are so many ways you can give thanks to the families of active-duty military members and veterans.

With all the options presented here, the only question that remains is, "How will you help a veteran or military family today?"

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