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PureTalk Supports America's Warrior Partnership

PureTalk Supports America's Warrior Partnership

Veterans deserve our support. Together we can make a difference.

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Join PureTalk in supporting America’s Warrior Partnership, a nonprofit dedicated to ending veteran suicide. To help, just round up your change at checkout any time from May 20 through June 14. 

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May 20 through Flag Day, June 14, PureTalk will match all donations dollar for dollar.

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About America’s Warrior Partnership

AWP is committed to a one-size-fits-one approach that empowers military, veterans, families, and caregivers.

Since February 2014, America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) has worked with thousands of veterans in its quest to stop veteran suicide and help veterans and their families live the purposeful life they deserve. 

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AWP by the Numbers

60,873 Unique Warriors Served

$304,456,759 Estimated Economic Impact

36,158 Post-9/11 Warriors

The AWP Network

4,019 Total Cases Closed

85% Case Success Rate

11,186 Total Individuals Known

Switch to PureTalk and Donate Today!

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When you join PureTalk, you get the same dependable 5G network at half the cost of the big three carriers. How can we do that?

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100% USA-based customer service.

PureTalk believes in this country and in keeping jobs right here. That’s why our customer service is 100% USA-based. You’ll never find us offshoring jobs just to save a buck.

That’s not the American way – and it’s certainly not the PureTalk way.

Wireless by Americans, for Americans, supporting American veterans.

At PureTalk, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

That’s why from May 20 through Flag Day, June 14, we’re matching donations to America’s Warrior Partnership dollar for dollar. All you need to do is choose to round up your purchase at checkout.

Already a PureTalk customer? Log into your account to donate and we’ll match your donation too!

15% off military discount for those who have served

As a patriotic, veteran-owned company, PureTalk salutes all our military service men and women. It’s our honor to offer a 15% discount to those actively serving or who have served our great country.

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At PureTalk, we believe in offering a great product at a fair price. We also believe in keeping jobs here at home; all of our customer support agents are 100% U.S. based.

Try our great service at a fraction of the price of Big Wireless. Just like you, we stand by our service and our country. Switch and donate any time between May 20 and June 14, and PureTalk will match your donation!

Join PureTalk in the fight to help Veterans in crisis.

Soldier holding hands with his daughter.

According to the Veterans Administration, 6,261 U.S. Veterans took their own life in 2019.

That’s 6,261 too many.

Together we can do something to help stop this epidemic. Join PureTalk in supporting America’s Warrior Partnership.

AWP works nationally to end veteran suicide and is committed to improving the quality of life for veterans and their families by providing access to life saving programs.

Simply choose to round-up your total at checkout to help support Veterans and May 20 through June 14, PureTalk will match it.

You can’t put a price on the importance of AWP’s work, but you can make a donation to support it.

May 20 through Flag Day, June 14, PureTalk will match all donations dollar for dollar.

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