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Check Out Some of the Best Innovations of CES 2024!

Check Out Some of the Best Innovations of CES 2024!

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The dazzling lights of Las Vegas have dimmed, but the echoes of innovation still resonate in the air as the curtains close on the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As the tech world converged on the city that never sleeps, CES proved once again to be the epicenter of groundbreaking advancements, futuristic gadgets, and paradigm-shifting technologies.

In this blog post, PureTalk embarks on a journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of innovation unveiled at CES 2024, exploring the trends, and unveiling the latest and greatest technology. Buckle up, tech enthusiasts, everyday life is about to change. Let's dive into the electrifying highlights of CES 2024!

CES 2024 was a showcase of cutting-edge technologies, unveiling a plethora of innovations that left tech enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

Here are some of the major highlights from the event:

AI Integration:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continued to dominate CES, with various devices and applications showcasing enhanced AI capabilities. From smart home solutions to personal assistants, to pets, AI was seamlessly integrated into a wide array of products.

Invoxia's Minitailz dog collar.

Attention pet parents! According to the reviewer at ZDNET, "If you're always thinking of ways you could make your pet's quality of life better, Invoxia's Minitailz dog collar is a fitness tracker for your dog and it can help you better understand what they need.

The tracker detects a dog's GPS location to ensure your fur baby never gets lost, along with health stats, such as resting heart rate and breathing. The company claims that the collars can detect early signs of heart failure before the onset of symptoms. The collar also offers AI-driven activity detection with real-time alerts that can let the pet owner know exactly what their best friend is doing. 

The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar was recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree in the Artificial Intelligence category. If you are interested, the Minitailz collar is available for $99. However, there is also a subscription fee of $25 a month or $275 a year."

5G Revolution:

The rollout of 5G technology was a central theme, promising faster connectivity and a new era of communication. Numerous devices, from smartphones to IoT gadgets, showcased the potential of 5G in transforming the way we interact with technology.

One of the best smartphones at this year's CES was the TCL 50 XL 5G.

TCL 50 XL 5G.

According to DigitalTrends, "TCL is well-known for its lineup of affordable smartphones and tablets. This year at CES 2024, it announced seven new phones — but let’s take a closer look at the TCL 50 XL 5G.

The TCL 50 XL 5G has a massive 6.8-inch FHD+ 120Hz display that’s also equipped with dual speakers and DTS sound. And though it starts with 8GB RAM, it can be expanded for better performance.

With a 5,010mAh battery inside, the TCL 50 XL 5G should last a good while on a single charge. It’s a good option for those who are always on the go and need a phone with battery life that can keep up with them. It should also prove an interesting alternative to the likes of Samsung, Google, and others this year."

And one of PureTalk's favorite smartphone's is the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G!

Stay better connected and ahead of the curve with the new Samsung A15 5G. Super fluid display delivers crisp clarity for all your content – whether out in the sun or inside at home. Triple lens camera system captures all your cherished moments with amazing detail. Long lasting battery and super-fast charging keep you on the move and not tethered to an outlet.

The Samsung Galaxy A15 5G.

Here are all the details:

The Best Pics You’ll Ever Take

Whether shooting in the bright light of day or a night out in town, you can count on the Galaxy A15 to capture every moment with crisp clarity.

 Brighten Your Life

Super fluid display makes for a brighter screen for all your content. Whether gaming, reading, or viewing, see it all in perfect detail.

 Never Run Out of Storage

With up to 1TB of storage, the Galaxy A15 lets you focus more on saving your memories and less about running low on space.

 Stay Charged Longer

Chat, text and play all day without worrying about losing power thanks to longer lasting battery and super-fast charging.

 Peace of Mind

The Galaxy A15 comes with multilayered Knox security that protects your data and allows you to monitor your security with confidence.

 Go Further Faster

Play your games, browse the web, and download all the content you want with 5G connectivity on the most dependable 5G network. Check out our coverage!

We love this smartphone so much, we're giving it away FREE when you add a new line and purchase a $35+ plan!

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

AR and VR technologies continued to push boundaries, with immersive experiences showcased in various industries. From gaming to healthcare, CES 2024 demonstrated the diverse applications of AR and VR.

AirVision M1 by Asus.

According to the reviewer at Techradar, "The name AirVision M1 might be reminiscent of the Vision Pro – sprinkling in aspects of the iPad Air and Apple’s M1 chipset found in some iPads and Macbooks – but is almost completely unrelated to Apple’s hardware. The only minor similarity is that these specs are a wearable AR display. 

The Asus glasses don’t function on their own; you need to plug them into a compatible phone or computer with a USB-C display port (meaning it can output video and audio through USB-C). These kinds of gadgets are admittedly a lot of fun, but our experience with them is that they’re still pretty pricey for what you get. The resolution is only full-HD, and you often need to buy several not-so-optional add-ons to get the most out of your experience – raising the price above the usual $400 price you already pay for smart spectacles."

Foldable Displays:

Foldable and flexible display technology took center stage, with companies unveiling smartphones, tablets, and even laptops featuring innovative foldable screens. This marked a significant leap in the evolution of portable devices.

ZenScreen Fold OLED MQ17QH by Asus.

"Secondary displays are a productivity godsend," said the pros at CNET, "enabling the kind of multitasking that isn't possible even with the widest monitors. While portable solutions are available, the best solutions tend to be tethered to your desk. Maker Asus says the ZenScreen Fold OLED MQ17QH is the first portable OLED display -- and as the name suggests, it also folds! With the superior image quality of OLED, this 17.3-incher should be great for on-the-go movies or gaming, when it hits later in 2024."

Electric Vehicles (EVs):

CES 2024 highlighted the rapid evolution of electric vehicles, with major automakers showcasing their latest electric models. The focus extended beyond cars to include advancements in charging infrastructure and sustainable mobility solutions.

Mercedes-Benz with its MBUX Sound Drive app

From the Techradar review: "It was the CES innovation I really wanted to hate, but ended up becoming slightly smitten with, as Mercedes-Benz effectively turned its electric vehicles into musical instruments. 

Thanks to and his team of talented developers, the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Sound Drive app deconstructs your favorite tracks and uses information from the vehicle, such as steering inputs, acceleration and braking, to create intriguing, live performance style remixes.

You can read Techradar's full hands-on MBUX experience for more details, but a quick test of the technology proved it was less a gimmicky way to kill a few minutes, and more a clever way to uniquely soundtrack an audibly-bereft electric vehicle. Hey, I don’t even like The Black Eyed Peas, but MBUX Sound Drive made me reconsider my position."

Health Tech:

The intersection of technology and healthcare was evident in the Health Tech sector, with innovations such as wearable health monitors, smart medical devices, and advancements in telehealth solutions. The emphasis on health and wellness reflected a growing trend in the tech industry.

The Nuance Audio glasses.

The Nuance Audio glasses can amplify the voice of the person you're speaking to. 

According to the reviewer at CNET, "The Nuance Audio glasses from EssilorLuxottica were made for people with mild or moderate hearing loss -- those who notice they have some trouble hearing in noisy, busy places. They have technology built right into the glasses frames that will amplify sound. To adjust the volume, users can tweak the glasses themselves or use the companion app. You'll also be able to add your vision prescription to the lenses.

A pair of Nuance Audio specs will provide a different way for people to improve their hearing. Even now that the FDA is allowing over-the-counter hearing aid sales so people can get a hearing aid without a prescription, high cost and perceived stigma of wearing hearing aids are still barriers to treatment for many people. (There's no official word on how much the Nuance Audio glasses will cost yet.) 

Nuance Audio glasses are expected to be available in late 2024 in the US. They aren't a replacement for hearing aids, but EssilorLuxottica is registering them with the FDA as an over-the-counter hearing device."


According to ZNET, "CES is never short on robots, and 2024 was no exception. From robotic assistants to autonomous delivery vehicles, the event showcased the latest in robotic advancements, highlighting their role in various aspects of daily life and industry.

The Motion Pillow.

The Motion Pillow uses AI to help tackle snoring problems and give you a better night's sleep. The AI Motion System detects a user's snoring and slowly inflates airbags to lift their head and open their airway to reduce it. The accompanying app tracks sleep data, including snoring time, airbag operation time, sleep score, sleep time, and even takes recordings of your snoring to play back later. 

To build on the technology, the company also introduced an accompanying Motion Ring to monitor your sleep status in real time and send data to the motion system for a more seamless experience. The combination of the ring with the pillow, known as motionsleep, earned the CES 2024 Innovation Award in the Smart Home category. The Motion Pillow costs $699."

Smart Homes:

The evolution of smart home technology continued, with an emphasis on seamless integration and connectivity. Smart appliances, home security solutions, and energy-efficient devices demonstrated the progress towards creating truly smart and interconnected homes.

Lockly's Visage smart lock.

"In the age of Face ID if feels pretty backwards to still be shoving a metal key into our front doors to unlock them, but that could soon change," said the reviewer from Techradar. "Lockly's new Visage smart lock ($349) has built-in facial recognition and can replace your traditional deadbolt.

If you'd rather not go quite that futuristic, the Visage will also support Apple HomeKey when it gets Matter certification, letting you unlock your front door by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the lock or using Siri commands. It's due to go on sale in the US this summer, with international availability yet to be announced."

And then there's the Weber Summit Smart Grill

The Summit FS38X Smart Grill.

"Weber has a new product that could make you the star of the grilling season this year," said CNET. "The Summit FS38X Smart Grill has the brand's first full touchscreen control panels. It also has interior sensors, which track and adjust internal temperature, and smart technology that keeps all burners functioning at high efficiency.

But the star feature on Weber's most tricked-out grill ever is a blazing infrared broiler, a first of its kind. The broiler can be raised and lowered to add a quick, heavenly crust to steak, fish and chops. I watched as of Weber's in-house chefs fired up the boiler and three fillets of salmon formed perfect crusts in minutes.

The Summit Smart Grill is also the first in the brand's line to get a host of in-grill sensors that process and feed critical data to your mobile device. This means you can set and change temperatures remotely without lifting the hood and losing precious heat or disturbing the temperature on a slow cook."

Drones and Flying Cars:

The skies were not left untouched, as CES featured the latest developments in drones and flying cars. Innovations in urban air mobility and autonomous aerial vehicles hinted at a future where the skies might become as busy as the streets.

The Leo Coupe flying card.

According to the Robb Report, "The Leo Coupe was another flying car exhibiting at CES. The two-person interior looks more like a car than a conventional eVTOL, with large side windows and even a large in-floor window. It’s powered by 200 lift jets, rather than rotors and propellers, with a 200-mph target cruising speed and 250-mile range.

These highlights represent just a glimpse of the groundbreaking technologies and trends that emerged from CES 2024, setting the stage for an exciting and transformative era in the world of consumer electronics.

We hope you’ve enjoyed them and thank you for choosing PureTalk!





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